Work is love made visible.

By: Andrea Chapman

Yesterday I came across a guided meditation on Insight Timer, by Jeffrey Davis, centered upon the mystic poet Kahlil Gibran’s idea that our work is our love in physical form.

I’ve always approached my work with deep gratitude; but, never through the lens of love. Partly because at the age of 49 I find myself still searching for the meaning of love and mostly because I frequently feel guilty for being able to pursue work that literally engulfs me in joy. Meanwhile, I watch helplessly, while others in my life seem to suffer mentally and physically as a result of their chosen profession.

As I begun to embody this short mediation, I suddenly realized that is exactly the point! Love begins, or in my case joy, within and then radiates outward to the world. DUH, Andrea!

Such a different perspective when I consider how my work makes others feel and how it might bring joy to their lives as well. And, in turn we can assume the joy they experience as a result of my work or even a small part of my work will transfer to other people in their nexus. Much like a ripple or sound wave, supposes Davis in The Rippling Impact of Your Work.

Of course, none of us will ever know the full impact or reach of our work here on earth. But, I suspect we can all draw upon and benefit from what I personally experienced as a renewal by simply partaking in this exercise and contemplating the possibility that our work is our love manifest.

Coming full circle, I always return to gratitude, which never seems to fail me. Thank you for joining me here, Davis for publishing his work, Insight Timer for hosting it and the Universe for allowing me to chase my joy and continue my seemingly endless quest to know love.