I am sure it has something to do with elephants, hot air balloons and pretty fabric; but, the story is still unfolding…

Janome DC2012 Sewing Machine
Fun Fact #1: Some of my best selling designs were the result of making a mistake.

Fun Fact #2: I design all of my own patterns; primarily because I have difficulty following directions.

I taught myself how to sew, way before YouTube was a thing, by using trial and error.

Initially I was going to resell other makers handmade goods. When the product began to arrive I was quick to pick out design and construction flaws. It wasn’t long before I had filled our dining room with bolts of fabric and began sewing the day away. In the beginning, I sold to friends, family and at local craft shows. Then, on this very dot.com and eBay at the Power Seller level until 2008 when a customer suggested I open an Etsy shop. The rest as they say is history. Just over 7,500 sales later, I am even aghast at the sheer quantity of orders I was able to fill largely by myself.

In 2011, I moved the “factory” out of our basement and into a quaint double decker studio in Middleburg, Virginia. The following year, I opened a curated boutique in the same town with Main Street access. That was a fun filled learning adventure which I liken to earning an MBA and eventually catapulted me in an entirely different direction.

In 2015, while still running the shop, I launched a sewing inspired YouTube channel and blog, Sewspire.com, as a means to give something back to the wonderful world of sewing. After getting a taste for video production and teaching, I closed up my little shop and transitioned back to a private commercial studio in the neighboring village of The Plains. Four years shackled to a brick and mortar–held hostage by the weather, tourism and small town politics–left me yearning to make a greater impact with my life.

Yet again, plenty of trial and error allowed me to find my niche amongst those of us who are visual learners, possibly even directionally impaired, and in need of step by step guidance when learning a new skill set such as sewing.

Then, just when I thought I had struck a nice balance between designing custom bags on Etsy and publishing sewing tutorials on YouTube, COVID-19 emerged and the entire world dumped upside down seemingly overnight…

Stacks of fabric
Fun Fact #3: I still have remnants from those very first projects on hand.

Fun Fact #4: I have a burning and unfulfilled desire to sew Japanese inspired clothing.

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